About me

As far as I can rembember, I’ve always been fascinated by cinema. I finished my degree as a Cinematographer in ESCAC, Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya, in 2005. Since then, I started to combine my work as Director with my work at the Camera and Light Department, working on such roles as operator, first camera assistant and gaffer, but also always without leaving my other pasions as editing and DOP. As soon as I could, I focused my career working only as Director, but my experience in those two extra areas, as DOP and editor, gave my the enormous chance to learn about how important is to take care of the picture in the final footage in a producction, aswell as the the rhythm of a movie, this two issues convined with the actors directing and the placement of camera, are my main subjects when you film, and the ones a like to take more care in. As indicated on my enclosed resume, I have experience in different areas such as TV, feature films, commercials, music videos, etc. in both national and international projects which led me to work sometimos in different countries, and crews from everywhere. All these different experiences has provided me with the opportunity to improve my creative and technical habilities and to develope my communication skills with different types of human teams. I am very interested in meeting new people and how to treat them. I am a very practical person, easy-going, and I find it easy to establish a good working relationship. I have been all over the places, and enjoy meeting new people.